• Did you know that many women going through the menopause are really struggling at work, yet feel they have nobody to confide in and suffer in silence, or worse still, quit their job in desperation?

  • Would you like to support colleagues and be one of the ground-breaking companies that treat menopause as seriously as maternity in the workplace?

  • Why not allow me to host a Menopause Lunch Club in your workplace?

If you as a responsible employer would like to support female employees as they reach their middle-age, I can offer a workshop specifically for this.

 Menopause in the workplace. Lunch Club advice.

I can kick off the conversation, set up a working group with employees and even help shape a Menopause Workplace Policy, which all employers should consider. Read what ACAS advises here.

My office-based support is aimed at helping to raise employees happiness and productivity through creating a workable solution for all women approaching menopause. Women often feel invisible and unable to turn to their managers. They may be struggling and worried about letting themselves or colleagues down. We can discuss all concerns together and find a workable solution that everyone is happy with.

These sessions can help not only with strengthening trust and satisfaction levels amongst staff but also help immensely with emotional well-being and staff morale.

Women feel happier and listened to, which in turn can help increase productivity as well as decrease sick days through better mental health and less stress.

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Contact: hello@menopausesupperclub.com to discuss your requirements.

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