Nutrition for menopause

Would you like to experience the Menopause Supper or Lunch Club in the comfort of your own home?

If you have at least five friends interested in learning more about the menopause we can arrange a supper, brunch or lunch club with you!

It is so vital at this stage of our lives to have a support group of like-minded women around us, and if your friends are of a similar age and experiencing the symptoms of menopause, or are just curious to know what to expect, why not host at home?

Sometimes there is nothing nicer than inviting a few of your friends over, perhaps sharing a glass of wine and bonding over the fabulous food and flowing conversation. Well now you can educate and empower yourselves at the same time as having fun, without having to go to a restaurant!

If you have a larger house or garden we can even do this in a socially distanced environment whilst still having the intimacy of a friend’s home, so we can arrange something special during these difficult times.

We can work together and discuss whether you would supply the food, or if you prefer us to do this.

It could be that you have a couple of friends who love cooking and could adapt one of our special nutritious and delicious recipes to share!

Or why not find a recipe you love by looking on an amazing nutritionist’s website such as this one?

(Emma Ellice-Flint is one of a handful of nutritionists who support women’s health and I would highly recommend her!)

Have a look at what is on offer on our main page here, then imagine being able to support like-minded friends by having a Menopause Supper, lunch or brunch club at home, simply fabulous!


(NB: If you would prefer just to host the menopause workshop without food we can do that too, so don’t hesitate to suggest your preference if you don’t want to eat!)

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