Menopause in the workplace- YES we need support!

As someone who has gone through really difficult times at work due to not feeling able to discuss my menopause symptoms, I understand completely the ...
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You can appreciate the small things like Baloo- Gratitude is ‘Yes’ power in menopause!

How we can be more grateful during menopause, thanks to Baloo the Bear! Do you ever rewatch old films that take you back to days ...
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Journal Writing- Yes, you should consider it!

Why start journaling to record your menopause experience, and how will it help? Journal writing is not just for seventeenth-century authors in their dusty lofts. ...
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May 27 2020

The Menopause Supper Club- say yes to a new support network!

Why the Menopause Supper Club was started: This ‘special’ club has been set up because I am deeply passionate about empowering women like me to ...
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