I am Natalie March, a UK-based wellness facilitator who has lived my 50 (plus) years to the full so far and intend to keep on doing so, with a bit of help from my friends, family, teachers, yoga, education and nutrition.

As I have got older my needs have evolved and I realise that what worked for me until I was 40 doesn’t work now. The same situation will apply to women everywhere, and so I want women in middle-age to see that with a smattering of knowledge about what is happening through perimenopause and beyond we can make it work for us.

As a member of the British Menopause Society and the International Menopause Society my workshops are backed up with facts, not hearsay, and are up to date with the latest news about Menopause. I have also passed the International Menopause Society’s IMPART training for health practitioners to ensure I can support women and help them talk to their GP. I am a qualified Menopause Yoga Teacher, one of the few so far in the UK!

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We can all be Midlife Muses if we want to, and the Menopause Supper Club community will help us along the way, with dinner/workshops and retreats centred around the menopause and living your best life.

My qualifications include IMPART training with the International Menopause Society, Yin Yoga and Insight Meditation Teacher Training with Sarah Powers, Menopause Yoga Teacher Training with Petra Coveney, Sound Practitioner training through Thyme with Charlie, Mental Health First Aider, 200 hour DHY yoga training, Stress Management Teacher Training from SMART Foundations. I am also an associate member of the British Menopause Society (BMS) and the International Menopause Society (IMS).


I have also been a local community councillor and an events and celebrity manager. But my passion has always been as teacher, facilitator, and coach, and so the Menopause Supper Club is the perfect vehicle to use my skills and knowledge to engage other like-minded women along this (sometime) tricky yet freeing part of our lives.

We all have such a lot to give in terms of experience, love and wisdom, so please come with me on this wonderful adventure and get your friends to join our growing community.


Why not have a regular Menopause Lunch Club at your workplace?

See the page ‘Menopause Club for the workplace’ to find out more.

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